About Us

Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Pauleen, & I am the Founder & Creator of Art Of A Kind, an Australian Home Decor Company whose purpose is to provide spiritual women with easy access to inspirational, meaningful & beautiful pieces of Wall Art to enhance their Home Decor. I love to inspire women with uplifting, encouraging and faith-based messages that they can share with others while uniquely styling their homes.

I started Art Of A Kind in the middle of the 2020 global health crisis, while havoc wreaked through our lives! Families spent so much more time at home, and I saw an opportunity to create inspiring Wall Art that reminds us about Positivity, Hope, Faith and Love in our homes that are our literal refuge & safe places. We are about spreading positivity to overcome negativity.

I really believe in being meaningful about Life - living and giving meaningfully! A portion of proceeds from sales is donated to foundations and charities such as Compassion that give impoverished children a chance to break out of family poverty cycles by sponsoring their education. "To change a child's life with education today is to change a generation's life with opportunities tomorrow."

So thank you for your support and your contribution. Blessings! :) 

 - Pauleen. xox